Six - Year Capital Improvement Program

The purpose of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is to plan, compile, prioritize, and finance capital improvements that are responsive to the needs and demands of the public and city government, and supportive of the long and short range goals of the City of Montrose. More specifically the CIP is being developed to further the City's commitment to improving the "quality of life" for the Citizens of Montrose.


The City made the decision early on that the CIP process would be "citizen driven". In the spring of 2002 the City Council appointed the Montrose Improvement Team (MIT), a task force consisting of citizens and key City staff. Specifically, the MIT consists of three citizen members, a member of the Planning Commission, the Mayor, the City Manager, Fianance Director, Community Development Director and Public Works Director. The MIT was assisted through the involvement and support of the Executive Director of the Montrose Recreation District, the City's Parks Planner/Manager and City Fianance Department Staff.


This document includes highlights of the 2003-2008 Captial Improvement Program and located in the back of the document is the Six Year Capital Improvement Plan as adopted by Montrose City Council.


The development of the capital improvement program is a continual process and, consequently, should be viewed as a working document. Therefore while this document covers a six-year planning perspective, it will be revised every year in order to accommodate new projects, reflect changes in ongoing projects and extend the program to include future years.


The CIP provides the foundation for the future economic development of Montrose. It can lead to increases in community wealth and the attracion of high quality jobs by sending a message to the private sector that the community is professionally managed and will support private development. It makes intuitive sense that private individuals and private-sector businesses would want to invest in communities with quality services, adequate supporting facilites and sound infrastructure, in order to protect the value of their own interests.

                 City of Montrose Capital Improvement Program

Six Year Captial Improvement Program 2003-2008. pdf Document (76 pages)
Capital Improvement Project List 2003-2009 pdf Document (8 pages)

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